How to: Design your own Stock Labels

Designing Basic Reports Stock Labels is an Advanced User feature.

In addition to Stock Labels the user also has the option to design their own bespoke stock labels via the Basic Reports Builder Designer.

Note For a complete overview see Basic Reports Labels Setup.

Design a Basic Label

  1. Navigate to [ System Operations | Basic Report Labels Setup ] to open the Basic Report Labels Setup dialog.
  2. Double-click on Label: Stock in the Labels Category List grid.
  3. Click the New Report Configuration button New Design button.
    Note: if you wish to include Stock UDAs in the labels design, tick the Allow Stock UDAs checkbox in the Report Settings area.
  4. If you are using Brands, ensure that the correct Brand is selected.
  5. Click the Basic Report Design button to open the Report Builder Designer.

Report Builder Designer.

The most common functions used for creating labels in Report Builder Designer are:

  1. Label Button: the Label button is used to display a text field of the users choosing, for example, "Stock Description".
  2. Database Text Button: the Database Text button is used to display information held within the Khaos Control database. For example, the actual stock description from the stock item record.
    Note: when the database text object has been placed onto the report, the user can specify the database field in the Object Inspector:
    Selecting the DataField in the Object Inspector
  3. Barcode Button: the Barcode button is used to display the stock item's barcode.
    Note: when the barcode object has been placed into the report, the user can specify the barcode type in the Object Inspector:
    Setting the BarCodeType in the Object Inspector

Example of a Basic Stock Label

Example of a basic stock label


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