How To: Use Pricelists on Labels

Designing Basic Reports Stock Labels is an Advanced User feature.

In addition to Stock Labels the user also has the option to design their own bespoke stock labels via the Basic Reports Builder Designer.

Note For a complete overview see Basic Reports Labels Setup

Using Pricelist Prices on Labels

This guide will explain how to include pricelist prices on labels that you design via the Basic Reports Labels Setup.

  1. Follow the menu route [ System Operations | Basic Reports Label Setup ] to open the 'Basic Reports Label Setup' dialog.
  2. Double click on Label: Stock from the Labels Category List.


  3. If this is the first time you have used Basic Reports Label Setup select the New Report Configuration button from the Details tab.

    Basic Report Label Setup

  4. Select the Brand if relevant.
  5. Click Stock Related Button in the Action Buttons are on the right.

    Stock Related Button

  6. Select the desired Pricelist from the drop down menu.

    Select Pricelist

  7. Click Back to Details and then click Basic Report Design button.
  8. Design the label as you require.
  9. Instead of using the Sell_Price data field value for the Label's price, use the value list_price_amount.
    Note: This value can be set from the the The Component Palette Toolbars or the Object Inspector in The Report Tree

    Price list data field

  10. Save the label design from the File menu of the Report Builder Designer.

Note To manipulate label size/orientation, page size/orientation, columns etc. see Basic Reports Labels - Page Setup

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