How To: Process a return where the value of exchange items is less than the items being returned

The following procedure describes how to process a return where the value of the exchange item is less than the return item:

  1. Create a new return or load an existing return:
    1. Open an existing return:
      1. Open the Returns screen (show me how).
      2. Find and open the relevant Return.
    2. Create a new return:
      1. From the original Sales Order
      2. From the Customer Record
      3. From the Returns Screen
  2. Find and open the relevant Return using the filters.
    Note: in order for extended descriptions to be copied over to the new credit note, you must tick the Copy Extended Description checkbox from the returns screen before clicking the button.
  3. Click on .
  4. Click the BtnRtnIssue.jpg button in the Credit Note pane.
  5. Click the BtnRtnCredit.jpg button in the Exchange Note pane.


  1. The customer will have the remaining credit held on account (i.e. the balance is to be refunded) in their [ Customer | Detail | Statement ] tab. They can either use this to pay towards future purchases or have it refunded.
  2. Before refunding the credit to the customer the Exchange Note MUST be issued. This applies to refunds via the Return (see below) and through the Context Menu Refund option in the [ Customer | Detail | Statement ] tab, see How To: Refund a Credit Note via the customer statement.

Refunding the Credit via the Return

  1. Click on the BtnRtnGoTo.jpg button to go to the Exchange Note.
  2. Press Ctrl+I to open the Sales Invoice Manager.
  3. Process the Exchange Note through the Sales Invoice Manager, remembering to print an invoice and issue it.
  4. Open a Returns screen (show me how).
  5. Tick the Processed checkbox.
  6. Open the Return.
  7. Click the Refund Issue button button to refund the customer.
    Note: if the customer is on account then just click Return button.
  8. In the Refunds Dialog:
    1. Select the bank account the refund is to be taken from.
    2. Click OK.
    3. Click Yes to confirm the refund.

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