How To: Setup Automatic Email

Printable reports in Khaos Control can be emailed automatically when an event occurs. This will generate one or more emails and if configured the report can be attached as a PDF. In many of the screens, the system is also able to automatically detect which email address or addresses to use. There are three steps required to set up automatic emails:

  1. Setup email addresses, if none are listed then an email will not be generated.
  2. Setup Email Templates.
  3. Setup Trigger Rules.

For screen shots of an example of an automatic email, see Email Message Template Shipped Example.

Step One

Ensure that email addresses are setup against contacts in their [ Customer (or Supplier) | Detail | Address ] screen or using the option in the [ Customer (or Supplier) | General ] tab, see How To: Setup Automatic Email Contact Preferences to state what email address is used against a specific document type. The system will check that the email address has an @ symbol in it.

Step Two

Create an Email Template in the Email Manager that will be used for your messages, see How To: Setup Email Templates. The email template contains the subject and body of the email that will be generated specific to the customer or supplier.

Step Three

Setup a Trigger Rule to automatically generate, and in some instances automatically send, the email when an event occurs, for example when a user saves a Purchase Order it will trigger the system into sending an email with a PDF attachment of the Purchase Order to the supplier. See How To: Setup Email Trigger Rules.

Note: Most reports contain contact information for example an invoice printout has the contact/address/email information for the customer the invoice is linked to; a purchase order printout has the contact/address/email info for the supplier. These reports could be either manually or automatically emailed as described above, with the system sending the correct range of pages to the appropriate email address. However, some reports have no contact information on them for example the stock value or stock listing reports. In these cases the "Manual settings" option should be used to specify which email address to send the report to.

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