Company Email Trigger Type Tags

Setting up Email Message Templates is an Advanced User feature.

For the list of types of tags available see Email Manager Message Template Tags.

The Available Tags are displayed when setting up Email Message Templates; the Trigger Type selected will determine which tags are available for use. The Available Tags inserted into the Message Template will determine what information replaces them when the email is created.

The Company Email available tags are used for emails sent to customers and suppliers from company records, Sales Orders and the List Manager for example:

  • Sending out customer service emails for example about a new range of stock the customer has enquired about or the status of a complaint they have made;
  • Emailing a customer from a sales order with information about a stock item;
  • Emailing the latest promotion to a list of customers using the List Manager.

For the list of where the Company emails are sent from see Where can emails be sent from in Khaos Control?.

Tag Desc Tag Name Description
Address $ADDRESS The company address including postcode, this can change to the contact address depending on where the email was created from, for example the contact section in the [ Customer | Address ].
Company Code $COMPANY_CODE The company ID.
Company Name $COMPANY_NAME The name of the company, for example Miss Tegan Smith or Freddies Foods.
Contact Name $CONTACT_NAME The name of the contact the email was created for.
Country $COUNTRY The country the company is from.
Country Code 2 $CT_CODE2 The two character country code, for example GB.
Country Code 3 $CT_CODE3 The three character country code, for example GBR.
Date - Day as 2 digit number $DATE_DD Day displayed as a 2 digit number - eg. 02
Date - Day as name $DATE_DNAME Day name is displayed - eg. Friday
Date - Day as suffixed number $DATE_DNUMBER Day displayed as suffixed number - eg. 2nd
Date - month as 2 digit number $DATE_MM Month displayed as a 2 digit number - eg. 09
Date - Year as 4 digit number $DATE_YYYY Year displayed as a 4 digit number - eg. 2003
Email Address $EMAIL_ADDR The email address the email is being sent to.
Fax $FAX The contact's fax number.
Phone $TELEPHONEThe contact's phone number.
Postcode $POSTCODE The contact's postcode.

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