Cat Request Trigger Type Tags

Setting up Email Message Templates is an Advanced User feature.

For the list of types of tags available see Email Manager Message Template Tags.

The Available Tags are displayed when setting up Email Message Templates; the Trigger Type selected will determine which tags are available for use. The Available Tags inserted into the Message Template will determine what information replaces them when the email is created.

The Cat Request available tags are for emails generated when catalogues are processed. The Message Template is associated with a Trigger Rule so emails are automatically generated and sent when catalogues move between the stages specified in the Trigger Rule.

Tag Desc Tag Name Description
Catalogue Code $CATALOG_CODE The catalogue code.
Catalogue Delivery Address $CATALOG_DELIVERY_ADDR The address the catalogue is to be delivered to.
Company Name $COMPANY_NAME The name of the company, for example Miss Tegan Smith or Freddies Foods.
Company URN $COMPANY_CODE The company ID.
Contact Forename $FORENAME The first name of the contact.
Contact Surname $SURNAME The last name of the contact.
Contact Title $CONTACT_TITLE The title of the contact.
Date - Day as 2 digit number $DATE_DD Day displayed as a 2 digit number - eg. 02
Date - Day as name $DATE_DNAME Day name is displayed - eg. Friday
Date - Day as suffixed number $DATE_DNUMBER Day displayed as suffixed number - eg. 2nd
Date - month as 2 digit number $DATE_MM Month displayed as a 2 digit number - eg. 09
Date - Year as 4 digit number $DATE_YYYY Year displayed as a 4 digit number - eg. 2003
Keycode $KEYCODE_CODE The Keycode Code associated with the catalogue.
Keycode Desc $KEYCODE_DESC The Keycode Description associated with the catalogue.

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