How To: Update Stock Safe Levels based on Past Sales

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Stock Safe levels can be updated based on past sales. Before this can be used the options must be configured in [ System Values - Purchasing - Reordering & Safe Levels].


  • It is possible to exclude the sales from specific Company Classes from being assessed as part of Safe Level Reassessment by unticking Include in Safe Level in [ System Data | Company Classes ] screen.
  • This option does not take into account seasonal selling items.

The calculation used is as follows;

If "Include Back Order Figure" is enabled then it will calculate the safe level as: (Quantity Sold + back ordered - excluded back ordered) / MonthsCount

If "Include Back Order Figure" is disabled then it will calculate as follows: Qty Sold / MonthsCount

The option above can be found within [ System Operations - Edit System Values - Reordering & Safe Levels]MonthsCount is determined by the number of months between the current date and the date the stock item was created.

Notes: However the minimum used will always be 1, even when the value is 0 and when the number of months is greater than the max set, we use the max of MonthsCount instead.

Configure the options in System Values

  1. Open [ System Values - Purchasing - Reordering & Safe Levels].
  2. Update the following options as required:
    • Max number of months sales to assess
    • All Sales Orders / Issued Sales Orders
    • Include Return Credits and Exchanges
    • Include Back Order Figure
    • Include Items with a Safe Level of 0
    • Calculate Build Child Items from Parent Item sales, so the number of child items sold as part of one or more builds is taken into account when calculating the number to update the Safe level with.
  3. After updating you will need to restart Khaos Control.

Updating the Stock Safe Levels

  1. Open a Stock screen (show me how).
  2. Open the [ Stock | Reordering ] screen.
  3. Load in the items to be updated and/or reviewed.
  4. Green-select the lines to be re-assessed.
  5. Right-click on the grid and select 'Safe Level Reassessment' from the context menu.
  6. In the confirmation dialog click 'OK' to continue (or 'Cancel' to stop the process).
  7. The safe levels for the items will be calculated as a monthly figure.
    Note: if you have unticked Include Items with a Safe Level of 0, items with a 0 Safe level will not be updated.

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