How To: Use Country Specific VAT

Sales orders are created and processed as normal. The sales order, and in turn sales invoice(s) will default to the VAT rate setup if the rules are complied with i.e. the delivery and invoice address are in the same country (see Country Specific VAT for more information), the VAT rates have been specified, the products have the VAT rates configured against them and the delivery VAT rate has been defined (optional).

Changes to the EU VAT returns have been added for those using Country Specific VAT, see UK Vat EU sales figures Box 6 and Box 8. Modifications have been made to ensure Country VAT recorded sales are included in the EU figures making up Box 6 and Box 8 on the UK VAT Return.

  • These figures do not affect the VAT payable figures (box 5) at all; only the statistical figures reported to HMRC about EU Sales.
  • These changes are not retrospective and will only apply to newly posted transactions.

Tax Register

Sales Invoices with non-UK VAT rates will not show on the UK VAT return. The country filter in the [ Accounts | Tax(VAT) | Tax Register ] screen displays invoices for that country.

Country filter in VAT Return

Note: the UK VAT Return and Tax Analysis buttons are disabled when the Country filter is in use.

Tax Register Grid Context Menu

There are additional options on the context menu when country specific VAT rates are enabled:

  • Commit Return For Country Tax: is only available when you have filtered on a foreign country. There are no further options when committing foreign VAT as there are with the UK return systems.
  • Move Selected VAT Entry:
    • Change Tax Country: this enables you to re-define the Tax Country for the entry you are focused on.
    • Move to EC Tax Register: this allows you to remove the selected entry from the UK Tax Register onto the EC Tax Register. The EC Tax Register can be displayed by pressing the EC Tax Register button button at the bottom of the screen.
    • Move to UK Register: this allows you to remove the selected entry from the EC Tax Register onto the UK Tax Register.

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