How To: Import Sales Orders

Training must be completed before using Channel Listings.

Channel Listings is an Advanced User feature.

Sales Orders can be imported from eBay when the sales orders have been marked as payment received in the My eBay Summary screen or have been paid by PayPal.
Note: unpaid orders can be imported, see below for more details.

  1. Open a Web Configuration screen (show me how).
  2. Open the [ Stock | Channel Listings | Listings ] screen.
  3. Click on the Import Sales Orders button in the Channel Listings Listings Tab. button.
  4. In the confirmation popup, click on OK:
    Confirm popup for importing sales orders in channel listings.
  5. In the information popup to inform the user that the import is complete, click on OK.


  • If your customers add a note in their order when using ebay, then see Importing eBay orders containing Note to Seller.
  • Sales Orders can also be imported from the [ Sales Orders | Other Actions Menu ], but this will not link the orders to listings in Channel Listings and therefore update the Channel Listings information; see:
  • This method will import all sales orders from all channels and they will go into the appropriate stage in the Sales Invoice Manager unless the The Restrict Processing button in Channel Listings is being used, in which case see Restrict Processing Dialog. Any invoice rules will be taken into account by the system.
  • To configure Khaos Control so that the stock description on imported sales orders matches that held on the system see How To: Ensure that the Stock Description on Imported Sales Orders is the description on Khaos Control.
  • If you amend or add stock items on a sales order, you will have to mark these as shipped manually on the respective website. This is because the listing item ID is no longer present in the sales order/invoice tables, and therefore cannot be exported to the relevant website as it does not match any items.
  • The Sales Order import files from Amazon DE populate the delivery contact's telephone number for the sales order from the 'Ship-phone-number' column in the file and not the 'Buyer-phone-number' column. Amazon Only
  • Where the telephone number from eBay is specified as 'Invalid Request', this will be blanked out on import and the field will be blank in Khaos Control. The Channel Debug Log records the Invalid Request as: Permission denied to access buyer's phone number (Invalid Request). eBay Only

Importing Unpaid eBay Sales Orders

Unpaid sales orders can be imported, however, the way the system handles paid and unpaid sales orders differ:

  • If an order is PAID it will be imported; an amount and valid payment datetime are checked to confirm this within the data eBay send to Khaos Control.
  • If an order is UNPAID and the payment elements in the eBay data are empty, it will be imported if the special unpaid order option is enabled.
  • If an order has payment details but the status is anything but "NoPaymentFailure", the order will be skipped. When this order is received again later and the status has changed, the normal PAID criteria above are evaluated and the order will be imported as if it has been paid.

The option to import unpaid orders is not enabled by default. If you require this option to be enabled, please email Support

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