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The use of price lists within KhaosControl is optional. If no price list exists and no discount has been set against the individual Customer record, the price charged to a Customer for each Stock Item purchased will be the Sell Price recorded against the Stock Item. We recommend this be set to the Retail Price.

The Price Lists tab consists of five sub-tabs:


  1. Price Lists can be tracked by attaching them to a Keycode, see Tracking Keycodes.
  2. A Price List Hierarchy exists so if a customer is on more than one price list and the "Force Lowest Price" check box is NOT ticked in [ System Values | Sales | Pricing ] then the system will use a hierarchy. Please see Price List Hierarchy.
  3. Pressing the BtnPrint.jpg opens the Price List Report Dialog for configuring and creating price list reports, see How To: Create a Price List Report.
  4. Price Lists using multiple currencies are setup in the Stock Item / Price List Sub-tab. These allow consistent prices to be used on sales orders for customers who use a non-base currency.
  5. It is not possible to assign a non-Sterling Price List to a customer whose billing currency (as defined in their [ Customer | Detail | Financial ] screen) is Sterling. However, it is still possible for non-Sterling customers to be associated with a Sterling price list.
  6. If the price on a Price List changes after issuing a sales order, the price against the sales order will not change to reflect the new price.
  7. Pricing Rules:
    1. Customers can belong to more than one price list. In such cases, a priority system is used to determine the price charged (individual Stock Item prices set against a Customer have the highest priority, with the other three options in descending order of priority).
    2. When a customer belongs to more than one price list and the same product exists in multiple lists at different prices, the system will always use the lowest price if the Force Sales Order lowest price option is set in System Values. This option should not be set if you have special customer prices that are greater than your list prices.
    3. Any discount set against an individual Customer (in the Sales Ledger area of the Financial tab on the Customer screen) will be applied last when calculating the price charged to the Customer.

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