Refunding PayPal Transactions


Whilst PayPal transactions are 'customer present' and cannot be taken in Khaos Control, you can refund a PayPal transaction that has taken place on any of your channels by ensuring that the following details are configured correctly. Your web / mobile developers will also need to be involved as there are a couple of minor changes for them to make in addition to the configuration you'll need to carry out in Khaos Control.

Obtaining the details from Paypal

  1. You will need to log on to PayPal and navigate to the 'my selling tools' section by going to [My account | Profile | My selling tools]
  2. Then you need to click [Selling online | API Access | Update] which will display the API access panel.
  3. Under option 2, you will need to click 'view API signature' which will display your credentials (if you already have some) otherwise you will need to agree and submit to create new credentials.
  4. You will need to make note of: API Username, API Password, API Signature, which match to Khaos Control as shown below:
  • Merchant Name = API Username
  • Merchant ID = API Password
  • Merchant Passcode = API Signature

Setting up Khaos Control

  1. Firstly you will need to ensure that you have a PayPal bank account setup as per the previous page, with the relevant link to the card transaction account you are going to setup with the below steps.
  2. Select system operations at the top of your Khaos Control screen and then select the "Edit credit card integration setting"
  3. Set your interface path to wherever your cardtransaction.ini file is stored - This is generally K:\Keystonesoftware\Applic\
  4. As shown above, you need to link the Merchant name, Merchant ID and the Merchant Passcode to the relevant details obtained from PayPal.
  5. If you would like to be able to refund through PayPal, you will need to ensure that the 'enable refunds' tickbox is checked and the following XML changes are adhered to by your web developers.
  6. You can now revisit step 1 and link your PayPal bank account within [System data|Bank Accounts] to the newly created CT account number.

Sales Order XML Changes

Your web / mobile developers will already have access to the Web Integration Pack, please email Support for the latest copy. This includes details on how to send down PayPal transactions to Khaos Control. IN order to be able to refund those transactions, you will need them to amend the <PAYMENT /> section of the Sales Order XML as follows:

  • <AUTH_CODE /> must be populated with the Response.CardTxn.authcode from PayPal
  • <TRANSACTION_ID /> must be populated with the PayPal Transaction ID
  • <ACCOUNT_NUMBER /> must be populated with the Card Integration Account that you have configured in Khaos Control for PayPal. This will dictate which merchant account is contacted when refunding the payment.
  • <ACCOUNT_NAME /> must be populated with name of the Bank Account that you have set up in Khaos Control for your PayPal payments to be processed through.
  • <PAYMENT_AMOUNT /> can be populated with a PayPal charge amount for the transaction. When included in the Sales Order XML you will then be able to report on this in [ Sales Summary ].

Important Points to Note

  1. Whilst it's possible to report on PayPal's charges in [ Sales Summary ], you will have to create journals / SP Ledgers for the PayPal charges etc. separately as there is not currently a way to automate the generation of these as actual invoices in Khaos Control via the PayPal API.
  2. In terms of reporting you will need to consider the bank account name you use etc. to ensure that you're able to report on this.

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