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Display the drop-down 'Other Actions' menu either by pressing F9 or clicking the down arrow immediately to the right of the green circle with a white cross icon at the top of the button bar. The following function is available:
  1. Export SOP Data

Export SOP Data

Running the 'Export SOP Data' command results in an XML file being generated with details of Couriers, Courier Bandings and Delivery Rates. Here is an example of how the XML file might look:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
 <COURIER CODE="">Royal Mail Next Day before 12</COURIER>
 <WEIGHT LOW="0" HIGH="2"/>
 <VALUE LOW="0" HIGH="0"/>
 <POSTAGE GROSS="-1" VAT="0" PERKG="0" ISKG="-1">10.6</POSTAGE>
 <WEIGHT LOW="0" HIGH="500"/>

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