System Values Cheque / BACS Authorisation Required

The Cheque/BACS Authorisation Required (default=off) in Invoice Management tab:

  • Ticked: cheque or BACS payments for sales must be authorised before the order (they are linked to) can be issued.

Essentially an order with an unauthorised Cheque or BACS payment reacts the same way as an unauthorised credit card payment. Unlike credit card payment you cannot automatically authorise orders containing a Cheque or BACS payment, the user must use either the right-click 'manual auth' option within the [Sales Order | Payment] area or the 'manual auth' functionality accessed from the [ Sales Invoice Manager Authorise Payment Stage ]. Once authorised this also locks the payment amount , so even if the order content or total is changed the payment amount will remain aligned with the value which was authorised.

  • UnTicked: no special action is required to process orders that are to be paid for by cheque or BACS.


  1. The [ System Values | Order Delivery ] options regarding cheque clearance will affect how the system reacts to Sales Orders paid by cheque.
  2. If the system has been setup so that BACS payments must be authorised and they are not, then they can't be reconciled in the bank. This option must be disabled before the BACS payments can be reconciled.

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