018699: Change to Sales Summary screen to allow filtering to include/exclude Overheads from calculations


It is possible to exclude Overheads from the calculations in [ Sales Summary | Invoices ].


The ability to exclude Overheads from the calculations in [ Sales Summary | Invoices ] is controlled via the option "Exclude Overheads" in the Filter (F4) dialog. By default it is off.

The new filter option is available for the following [ Sales Summary | Invoices ] tabs.


Following the update, the only additional steps are to include the new filter option when required:

  1. Select F4 to bring up the Filter (F4) dialog screen.
  2. Select “Exclude Overheads” from the dropdown for new filters.
  3. Tick the “Exclude Overheads” filter checkbox.
  4. Add any other filters required.
  5. Click OK.


When viewing invoices via the [ Sales Summary | Invoices ] screen, the COS column displays not only the “Stock Value” but also any overheads set on the stock items concerned. By using the new filter option, the overheads value can be excluded.

For example:

A Sales order for a single stock item with Quantity 10. The stock value of which is £20 and there is an overhead of £0.50

The default is for the COS to be (stock value + overhead)*quantity.
(20 + 0.5) * 10 = 205.00

With the overheads excluded, the COS is (stock value)*quantity.
(20) * 10 = 200

The Profit and margin values are then calculated from the COS value.

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