Grid Configuration

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The user must have the 'Admin' User Permission to configure grids.

Grid Configuration allows you to customise the grids in Khaos Control in the following ways:

  • Hiding Columns.
  • Re-positioning Columns
  • Making Columns Read-only.

Grid Configuration is an Admin-only function and grids can be configured by individual user or by user profile.

The dialog for configuring grids, Grid Profiles is accessed from the grid menu Grid Menu button by clicking on 'Configure Grid'.

Grid Profiles Dialog

The dialog consists of:

  • Edit Profile For: here you can select whether the grid profile is to be applied to the current user or users belonging to a specified user profile.
  • Reset to Profile: when this button is clicked, the grid profile will reset to the grid profile specified for the current user's user profile.
  • Reset to Default: when this button is clicked, the grid profile will reset to the system default.
  • Grid Area: shows the columns from the grid currently being viewed in Khaos Control. Columns can be selected here for configuration.
  • Hide Column: this checkbox BtnTriStYesXP.jpg is used to hide columns selected in the Grid Area.
  • Make read-only: this checkbox BtnTriStYesXP.jpg is used to make columns selected in the Grid Area read-only .
  • Width: allows the column widths to be specified to different default values. This setting will remain even after the screen has been closed and reopened.
    1. The width is relative to space available and other column widths. This means that widths will not be exact but will be proportional to other columns.
    2. Manually changing the width of a column in the grid by dragging it will not update the width in the Configure Grid dialog.
    3. Widths will not change automatically to fit content in the columns, if content exceeds the current width, a new width will need to be set in the Configure Grid dialog.

When a user's grid has been configured, it will load with an orange background in the grid header to make it clear that the grid has been modified:

Orange Header on modified grid

More information about how to use Grid Configuration can be found on the following pages:

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