How To: Re-Position Columns in a Grid

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WARNING: This procedure requires you to have Admin permission.

To re-position columns in a grid:

  1. Open the grid in Khaos Control that contains the columns you wish to re-position.
  2. Open the grid menu Btngridmenu.jpg.
  3. Select Configure Grid.
  4. Use the Edit Profile for drop-down to select whether you want the columns to be re-positioned for the current user or for users belonging to a specific user profile.
  5. In the Grid Area of the dialog box, the grid columns can be re-positioned by dragging and dropping the desired column to a new location within the grid.
  6. Click 'OK' to save the grid profile and close the dialog.
  7. The grid can be reset at any time using the Reset to Profile or Reset to Default buttons.

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