Sales Order Multiple

Sales Order Multiple is not enabled by default.

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Note: there will be additional costs involved if this option is enabled.


Sales Order Multiples allows sales multiples for stock items to be displayed on Sales Orders.


This functionality allows for the storing of sales multiples on each stock item and for the display of these on Sales Orders.

  1. A new 'Sales Multiple' field is available on the [ Stock | Detail | Properties ] screen. This defaults to 1.
  2. A checkbox is available on the [ System Data | Company | Company Classes ] screen called 'Enforce Sales Multiple'. This is unticked by default, when ticked this will impact the manual creation / amendment of sales orders as outlined in Point 3 below.
  3. A Sales Multiple column called 'SM', is available on the grid in the [ Sales Order | Detail | Main ] screen after the 'Qty' column. This will always populate with the stock item's Sales Multiple figure.

Where the customer's Company Class is flagged to use the Sales Multiple and the Qty for the order line is not divisible by the Sales Multiple figure for the item, the cell will be highlighted in Turquoise in order to make the user aware of this.


  • The system will not stop a user from ordering a quantity that is indivisible by the Sales Multiple.
  • The field implemented will allow partial values (i.e. decimalised values) to be entered, used and assessed.


In addition to the configuration done as part of the update, the following configurations need to be carried out:

  1. The stock items need to have the 'Sales Multiple' populated, when required to be other than the default of 1. This is on the [ Stock | Detail | Properties ] screens. This value can have up to 4 decimal places.
    Sales Multiple field in the Stock Properties screen
  2. The company classes need to have the 'Enforce Sales Multiple' enabled, via the [ System Data | Company | Company Classes ] screen. If not enabled, then the Sales Order 'SM' column will be present, but will not change colour.


Typical steps for usage would include:

  1. Create a new Sales Order, for a customer where the company class is setup to 'Enforce Sales Multiple’ and the stock item has a ‘Sales Multiple’ of 4.
  2. With a quantity for that stock item which isn’t 4, or a multiple of 4 (eg 8, 12, 16 etc), then the SM column changes colour for that particular stock item:
    019136 Grid colour
  3. With a quantity for that stock item which is 4, or a multiple of 4 (eg 8, 12, 16 etc). Then the SM column is the standard colour for that particular stock item:
    019136 Grid colour

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