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Courier Banding is an Advanced User feature.

The Courier Banding screen allows users to set-up which couriers Khaos Control should automatically assign to Sales Orders. Banding rules are set-up in the Courier Banding screen for different weight ranges and / or values and Khaos Control applies these when sales orders are created. In order to use this facility, each stock item requires its weight to be defined in the [ Stock | Detail | Properties ] tab.


  1. The courier service chosen when saving a Sales Order will be over-ridden by the rules setting if the 'Re-evaluate Courier for Invoice' checkbox on the [ System Data | Couriers ] screen is ticked.
  2. The actual courier service used can be manually set in Sales Invoice manager's Shipping stage.
  3. To understand the options available and how Courier Bandings and Delivery Rates work together see How To: Understand Courier Bandings and Delivery Rates options in Khaos Control.
  4. The band used against a Sales Order can be seen in the [ Sales Orders | CRM | Tracking ] tab.

Courier Banding Grid

  • Banding ID: the ID of the courier band so that similar courier configurations can be identified.
  • Set Courier: name of the courier as set up in [ System Data | Sales Order Processing | Couriers ]. Pressing the F4 button will pop-up a list of couriers.
  • Conditions:
    • Weight Low: minimum total sales order weight for this banding to apply.
    • Weight High: maximum total sales order weight for this banding to apply.
      Note: Whilst Khaos Control works with any numerical weight system that uses factors of 10, or any ratio of it (e.g. any metric system, such as grammes or kilogrammes), certain courier integrations may stipulate the unit to be used.
      Once a unit of weight is chosen, it must be used consistently throughout the system (e.g. in Stock, Customer weight-related discounts, Courier Banding and Delivery Rates). Do not enter some weights in grammes and others in kilogrammes, otherwise errors will occur.
    • Value Low: minimum total sales order value for this banding to apply.
    • Value High: maximum total sales order value for this banding to apply.
    • Value Gross (default=ticked): specify whether the 'Low Value' and 'High Value' are Net or Gross for a Sales Order.
    • Zone: allows users to attach a zone to the banding, see The zone is defined in [ System Data | Country Zones ] tab.
    • Company Class: sets the banding to only apply to a specific company class.
    • Postcodes (max 500 characters) : sets the banding to only apply to a specific postcode, this includes partial matches, see configuring postcodes for examples.
      Note: the maximum field length can be extended to 900 characters. This option is not enabled by default. Please email Development for more information..
    • Brand: only sales orders with the brand and that meet the other variables set, will use this courier.
    • Priority: enables Khaos Control to select courier services with overlapping weights/values; 1 being the highest priority, 999999 being the lowest. We recommend starting priority numbering at 110 and applying steps of 10 (e.g. 110, 120, 130, etc.) in order to allow for later amendment without needing to renumber the entire sequence. The courier banding used will be the first one of that priority where multiple possible lines appear with the highest (same) priority.
    • Address Contains: allows sales orders, either manually created or imported without a courier selected, to be assigned to a specific courier when an entry in any of the Delivery Address fields matches the one held here, see How To: Automatically Assign a Courier based on a Delivery Address Value.
    • Courier Group: the type of courier for example standard, urgent or pallet. These are setup in [ System Data | Courier Group ].

Courier Banding Context Menu

  • Apply Value Range: allows the user to specify a value that is to be applied to all of the currently selected rows/items for the current column.
  • Clear Selection: deselects the currently selected line(s).

Information Area

The information area at the bottom of the screen describes the courier banding currently focused on in the above grid.

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