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WARNING: Changing these settings may cause unforeseen issues. If in doubt please check with KCSL's Support Team before making changes.

SCS Options

This section enables you to setup the default in relation to stock code and description appearance when the item has several variants such as size, colour, style.

System Values - Stock - SCS

  • Example Stock Code (default=$SKCODE$-$E1$-$E2$-$E3$-$E3$): this is the default example used to define SCS stock codes when creating new SCS items. This default only uses all four of the four elements. If you wanted the default to be for three elements, then the format would be:
    If you wanted the default to be for two elements, then the default format would be:
  • Example Stock Desc (default=$DESC$ $E1$ / $E2$ / $E3$ / $E3$): This is the default format to define SCS item stock descriptions when creating new SCS items. As above this only uses the information in all four elements but can be changed as per the two examples above.
  • Restrict SCS Element Value (default=unticked):
  • Hide SCS Child Items In Stock Lookup (default=ticked):

Notes: new systems are normally supplied with (default) values shown.

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