Email Creator Dialog

The Email Creator dialog is used when emailing from customer or supplier screens, see How To: Email from the Customer/Supplier Screens.

Email Creator dialog.

The dialog consists of the following:

  • Message Template: the message template that is going to be used for the email. Only emails that use the Company Email template can be used here.
  • Email Address: the email address the email will be sent to.
  • Subject: the subject line for the email.
  • Attachment: enabled the user to manually add an attachment to the email using the the yellow opening folder icon to find and attach the document.
  • Send Immediately: the email will be sent immediately else it will be held in Pending Emails and they will need to be sent manually by going into the [ Email Manager | List ] screen and selecting the option in the Context Menu.
  • Open to Edit: opens the Email Editor popup allowing the user to edit the email before sending.

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