Email Manager

For the Other Action Menu options (press F9 or the Other Actions Menu on the Button Bar) see Email Manager Other Actions Menu.

The Email functionality allows any printable report in Khaos Control to be emailed either manually from the preview window or automatically triggered when an event occurs. This will generate one or more emails and, if configured, the report can be attached as a PDF. In many of the screens the system is also able to automatically detect which email address or addresses to use; it will also check that the email address has an @ symbol in it. The list of where can emails be sent from shows the type of emails that can be sent manually and automatically.

Note: before using the Email Manager it must be enabled in [ System Values | Contact Manager | Emails ]. When testing email setup make sure you are in testing mode by ticking 'Email Testing Mode' option.

The Email Manager screen consists of the following tabs:

  • List: displays all pending, or sent emails.
  • Rule Setup: rules for automatically generating emails.
  • Message Template: templates defining the layout and content of the email.

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