How To: Add users

If you just need another user account (e.g. for a new starter), this can be added in [ System Data | Users ] - see How To: Create a New User.

However if you need additional Khaos Control licence(s), so more people can access Khaos Control at once, then please email Accounts

The main screen's Help | About dialog lets you see how many licences exist in your Khaos Control system, and who is using them.

You can Auto-disable users who haven't logged in for x amount of time.


The system will mark them as unavailable and hide them from the login drop down. The function would tick unavailable against the user in [system data/Users ] and tick the excluded permission in user permissions.

This would need to be monitored by the Admin user and if the user needs turning back on, this will need to be done manually.

To enable an Advanced User Security, which will allow Admins to set password expiry dates and lock accounts


When enabled Admin Users [with access to System Values | General | Miscellaneous] can apply a Global Password Expiry Date for existing user login passwords based on XX days since the previous change.
Any user failing to change their [current] login by the expiry date defined, will be forced to update their password upon next login.

A new password field will be added to System Data/Others/Admin Passwords called "Locked Account Admin".
A new grid will appear with a tick box that will allow Admin uses to lock or unlock respective account

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