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What is Auto Logout Idle Users?

If Auto Logout Idle Users is enabled then users will be logged out and Khaos Control will be closed if the user has been idle for longer than the specified time limit. Users will receive an audible warning that they are about to be logged out and if they wish to remain logged into Khaos Control they need to click on OK in the Inactivity Timer warning popup. The Inactivity Timer warning popup will appear with 30 seconds to close down. A countdown will display how long the user has before they are logged out and the system is closed.
Note: if the user has any screens open and in edit mode the auto logout idle users will not apply.

Benefits of Auto Logout Idle Users

There are several benefits of using auto logout idle users for example:

  • Security: if users are absent from their computer but still logged in, then other users can use their Khaos Control which may allow them access areas of the system that they are normally barred from.
  • Khaos Control Licences: if your company has fewer Khaos Control licences than the total number of users and a user is logged in but not using Khaos Control, this is preventing other users from logging on. Auto logout idle users will help your company use your Khaos Control licences more efficiently. Of course you can always purchase more licences!
  • KPAF Licences: if you are using KPAF (Post Office Postcode finder) licences then these are often limited in number, the first users being granted usage. If a user with KPAF rights is not using Khaos Control but still logged in then using auto logout idle users will free up their KPAF licence for another user.

Setting Auto Logout Idle Users

  1. Open [ System Values | General | Miscellaneous ].
  2. In the Auto logout idle users area on the right tick the checkbox. This enables the audible warning options below.
  3. Tick the Audible warning checkbox and enter the time limit for inactivity in the adjacent field.
    Note: this is in minutes.
  4. Click on OK.
    Note: you will need to restart Khaos Control for the changes to take effect. Users logged into the system will not be affected until they have logged out and back into Khaos Control.

Preventing Auto Logout Idle Users from Affecting Certain Users

Certain users can be prevented from being affected by auto logout idle users, for example: telesales staff, EPOS till user.

  1. Open a System Data screen (show me how).
  2. Double click on [ System Data | Others | Users ].
  3. Select the user, right click and select 'Edit User Permissions'.
  4. Tick the 'No auto-logoff' checkbox in the System section of the User Permissions popup.
  5. Click on OK.

Data Query

To list all users that have the "No auto logoff" user permission checkbox ticked, copy and paste the following into the Data Query window:

SELECT user_id, user_name, 'ticked' AS 'No auto logoff' 
 FROM user_list
WHERE (permset01 & 256) != 0
ORDER BY user_name
 System Data - List users with "No auto logoff" ticked

 This data query is provided as a teaching aid and is not
 covered by your support agreement

 11-Jun-2012 Created (GKS)

Data Query is an Advanced User feature.

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