How To: Block Update the Sales Order Invoice or Delivery Date or the Invoice Priority

It is possible to block update the Invoice and/or Delivery Date and the Invoice Priority of green-selected sales orders in the [ Sales Invoice Manager ]. To do this:

  1. Open a Sales Invoice Manager screen (show me how).
  2. Green select the sales orders you wish to update.
  3. Right click in the grid and select Edit Invoice Detail and then select Change Other.
  4. In the Update Invoice dialog you can update one or more of the following:
    Update Invoice dialog for invoice, delivery dates and Invoice Priority
  5. To change the Invoice Date:
    1. Change the date next to Invoice Date.
    2. Tick the Upd Invoice Date checkbox.
  6. To change the Delivery Date:
    1. Change the date next to Delivery Date.
    2. Tick the Upd Delivery Date checkbox.
  7. To change the Invoice Priority:
    1. Select the Invoice Priority from the drop-down list.
      Note: these must be setup beforehand, see How To: Setup Invoice Priorities.
    2. Tick the Upd Invoice Priority checkbox.
  8. When you have changed the options you require, click OK to close the dialog.
  9. You will need to refresh the screen either by clicking on the Go button, pressing F5 or the Refresh button on the button bar.

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