How To: Change the PO reference on an Issued Sales Order

Changing the PO reference on an issued sales order requires HQ User permission.

The PO Reference can be changed on sales orders that have been issued. This is useful when customers refuse to pay if the wrong PO reference is listed against a sales order.

  1. Open a Sales Invoice Manager screen (show me how).
  2. Locate and focus on the issued sales order in the Issued stages at the bottom of the Staged Processing tree.
  3. Right-click and select Edit Invoice Detail then Change PO Reference.
  4. In the popup check the PO reference and if it is not correct then overwrite it.
  5. Click on OK to update the PO and close the popup.
  6. Click on OK in the information popup.


  • All sales order forms must be closed before this can be actioned, including the sales orders list tab.
  • Users can only change one invoice at a time.
  • This changes the PO Ref for the whole order and will impact the re-printing of already issued invoices if this changes.
  • Changes to the PO reference can be tracked.

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