How To: Create a Dynamic Pack in a Sales Order

This option is not enabled by default. Please email Development for more information quoting development number 015097.

It is now possible to create a Pack dynamically when in a sales order.

  1. Create a Pack Item to be used as the parent item, see How To: Create a Pack.
  2. Create a new sales order.
  3. Add the pack header to the sales order.
  4. Right click on the pack header line and select Add to Pack (dynamic pack).
  5. Select the stock item you wish to add to the pack, this will be added as a child of the pack header.
  6. Set the quantity for the item in the pack.


  • Multiple stock lines can be added simultaneously by green selecting them in the stock lookup.
  • Child items will be shown below the pack header in the Sales Order grid and in reports.
  • As per normal pack items, the pack parent and child stock items will be linked by a coloured band on the left of the grid.
  • Dynamic packs may also be used when importing orders via XML, either from the Other Actions menu in the Sales Order screen, or via webservices.
  • Nested Build relationships are supported.
  • Nested Move With/Pack/Bundle relationships are NOT supported

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