How To: Copy a Sales Order for a Different Customer

A sales order can be copied for a different customer than the sales order was originally created for, even when their currencies are not the same. This is a useful feature if the user has entered a large order against the wrong customer by accident, as it saves having to re-input all the data onto a new sales order. Some fields are not copied, see list below.

  1. Open the original Sales Order, see Open a Sales Order screen (show me how).
  2. Press F9 or clicking the down arrow immediately to the right of the to open the 'Other Actions' menu.
  3. Click on option 10 Copy Sales Order (Different Customer) or press C if you used F9.
  4. From the customer Lookup popup select the customer the order is being copied to.
  5. In the Confirm popup click on Yes to copy the sales order for a different customer and also if you wish to send emails.
  6. The sales order will be created.


  1. The fields that have not been copied in the list below.
  2. The system will re-evaluate them for each customer, even the same customer in case changes have been made to the customer information between the old sales order and the new copied sales order.
  3. The system will not allow sales orders to be copied between customers who have different currencies.

Fields not copied

  • Sales Order code
  • Sales order dates (created and delivery)
  • Invoice Priority
  • Pre-payment amount
  • Pay code
  • Associated reference
  • Courier
  • Date sent
  • Taxable status
  • Stock items: the system will re-evaluate the stock items on an individual basis, for example, tax rates, back ordered items, quantity sent and returned.
  • Price List prices
  • Currency

Examples of fields copied

  • Stock Items (less the above mentioned fields)
  • Stock quantity ordered
  • Agents
  • Branding
  • Keycode
  • Payment method
    Note: the payment method used will be that of the customer the order was copied to. If this was account to pre-payment then you will need to add a payment line into the payment grid to add the pre-payment.

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