How To: Join a Subscriber

  1. Open the Scheduled Shipments Screen and click on the Subscriptions/List tab.
  2. Double-Click on the subscription you wish to add a subscriber to.
  3. Focus on the Shipment stock item the subscriber would like to set as their first shipment.
    Note: a warning will appear if the item selected is not the first in the list. Regardless of which item is set as the starting point, the shipment dates for a Fixed Subscription will be recalculated to start from the current date. The dates will not be recalculated for a Continuity Subscription.
  4. Click on the Scheduled Shipments join button button.
  5. Use the filters to locate the required customer.
  6. Click 'Yes' in the popup to confirm that the customer is joining the subscription, and the item that is first that is the first item they will receive.
  7. In the Shipment popup, if the customer requires all the items in the subscription, leave blank, otherwise enter the number of items the customer wishes to receive.
  8. Click OK.

The customer's generated shipment schedule will then be displayed. Prices and dates can be edited, prior to saving, at this stage if required.

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