How To: Print Sales Delivery Notes

Delivery Notes can be printed that display the stock and quantity for the customer's order that can be delivered.

  1. Open a Sales Invoice Manager screen (show me how).
  2. Go to the Shipping stage, but the following instructions can be performed from any location within the Orders section.
  3. Focus or select all the orders that require a Delivery Note.
  4. Click on the the 'Order Stage Reports' button is found towards the top left of the Sales Invoice manager screen button above the grid.
  5. Select 'Reports to Customer' from the menu.
  6. Select 'Delivery Note (Batch) (F7)' from the menu.


  • If orders are not green-selected all orders viewable in the Shipping stage will be printed if the above instructions are followed, this does not apply if the F7 shortcut is pressed.
  • The user can press F7 after step 2 which will also print the Delivery Note. This will only generate a delivery note for the order the user is focused on or the orders that are selected in the grid.
  • A Delivery Note for a part-shipment will only display the quantity of stock that can be shipped at that time.

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