How To: Setup and Use Sales Order Line Margin Warning

Sales Order line margin allows users to see if the margin for a stock item added to a Sales Order is below a defined global level.


In [ System Values | Sales | Pricing ] the Minimum Sales Order Margin is used to define the margin% value to be used.
Note: a 0.00 value is the default; unless a value greater than this is entered the Invoice Line Margin facility will not be used.


When stock items are added to a Sales Order Khaos Control will check the margin information against that setup. If the margin is below this limit then:

  1. The Order Total on the Sales Order [ Detail | Main ] and [ Detail | Additional | Order Amounts ] tabs are marked with a red background.
  2. If a Sales Order has a margin% below that setup, on saving the system will display a prompt to the user highlighting this.
    Note: it will not be possible for users to save a sales order in the above state until they have entered the corresponding System Data password for overriding margin.


  1. The system will only prevent users from saving sales orders when the overall margin is below the margin% value defined in the Minimum Sales Order Margin option in [ System Values | Sales | Pricing ] and an override password is defined.
  2. The margin information can be found on the Sales Order by using the Btnmargininfogood.jpg (or Btnmargininfowarning.jpg when there is a warning) button on [ Detail | Main ] tab.
  3. When the overall Sales Order margin is below the Minimum Sales Order Margin and an override password is defined (see below) then the user is prompted for the password.
  4. The override password is defined in [ System Data | Admin Passwords | Override Minimum SO Margin ] and allows the ability to override the warning and save a Sales Order with a margin% less than that defined in the Minimum Sales Order Margin.

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