Importing eBay orders containing Note to Seller

Training must be completed before using Channel Listings.

Channel Listings is an Advanced User feature.

It is possible for a buyer to leave a note to the seller during the checkout stage of their order. This note is usually details of a colour choice or delivery information, for example:

eBay customer message in Seller page.

When a note has been left for the seller, eBay will show this via the Seller Manager Pro > Sold page as shown below:

eBay notification of message to seller.

To view the message the seller must click on the order number to view the order details:

eBay Sales Order Details.

When an Import Orders action is performed from the [ Channel Listings | Listings ] screen the note to buyer gets passed through in the .xml within the <ORDER NOTE> tag.

From Khaos Control this note can be found against the sales order in the Notes tab:

Sales Order Notes Tab.

This note can also be viewed in the Sales Invoice Manager by double clicking on the Notes checkbox:

Sales Invoice Notes Checkbox Dialog.

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