New Customer/Supplier Dialog

Clicking on the New Item button button on the button bar in either the Customer (or Supplier) screen or when creating a new customer or supplier from the Customer/Supplier lookup will load the New Customer (or Supplier) dialog.

New Customer or Supplier dialog

The dialog consists of the following areas:

  • URN: the automatically generated Unique Reference Number for the company. This can be overwritten to make them easier to remember, for example FRED for Freddies Foods (Required).
  • Company: the name of the company, if it is a retail or residential customer this can be left blank.
  • Autofill button: the Autofill button allows the user to add new customer or supplier information, see Autofill for Adding New Customers.
  • Web Site: the company's web site. If a website is entered e.g. then the email field below will be auto populated with

  • Title: the contact's title. This system can be configured to select a title from a drop-down of preset values or as a free text entry. See System Values - Companies - General
  • Forename: the contact's forename.
  • Surname: the contact's surname (Required).
    Note: enter a single full-stop . into the surname field if you intend Khaos Control to treat it as being empty.
  • Job Title: the contact's job title.
  • Mobile: the contact's mobile phone number. This can be entered instead of the Tel (customer's telephone number) . If there is nothing in either field the system will display a warning when trying to save a new record.

  • Address: the first line of the address (Required).
  • Address: the second line of the address.
    Note: Right clicking in one of the Address fields allows the user to:
    • Insert Address Value: add a value into the address field, typically a house name. When using this option the system moves the other address line down.
    • Remove Address Value: remove a value in the Address field. When using this option the system moves the other address line up.
  • Locality: the locality of the address, for example a village name.
  • Town: the town of the address (Required).
  • County: the county for the address.
  • Post Code: the postcode for the address (Required).
  • the Postcode lookup icon: if you have purchased KPAF (Khaos Control Postcode Address File) then use this button to search for and then add the address.
  • Tel: the customer's telephone number. This is not a mandatory field but, if left blank and there is no mobile phone number entered, Khaos Control will display a warning.
  • Fax: the customer's fax number.
  • Email: the customer's email address which will be entered at contact level.
    1. The system will check that the email address contains a @ symbol and if not present, the system will not allow the customer record to be saved.
    2. If a website is entered in the above Web Site field e.g. then this email field below will be auto populated with

  • Country: the customer or supplier's trading country (Required).
  • Currency: the customer or supplier's currency (Required).

  • Class: the Company Classification (Required).
  • Type: the Company Type.
  • Mailing: the data protection mailing state.
  • Source: the Source Keycode.
    Note: whilst the system will allow a Source Keycode to be added that does not match the Company Class, the keycode will not be applied to any new Sales Orders.
  • Price List: the price list that will be added to the customer's record.
  • Mailing List checkbox: adds the customer to the email subscribers list. This will tick the E-Mailing List Subscriber checkbox in the [ Customer | Detail | Address ] tab.
  • Supplier checkbox: if the new company is a supplier then this is ticked.


  1. Default options can be set up in [ System Values | General | Defaults and Financial ], these are:
    • Default Customer Class: indicates which customer classification to set as the default when creating new customers.
    • Default Supplier Class: indicated which supplier classification to set as the default when creating new suppliers.
    • Default Data Protection: indicated which data protection category to set as the default when creating new customers.
    • Default Customer Price List: indicated which price list to set as the default when creating new customers.
  2. Running the [ File | Health Check ] will allow you to find all customer/suppliers that have blank email addresses and the "E-Mailing List Subscriber" ticked.
  3. The system will prompt you if you've not added either a mobile or telephone number.

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