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Configuring Couriers is an Advanced User feature.

Couriers and Courier Services are entered in this screen, once setup they can then be used in Khaos Control. The couriers section also allows export routines to be set up; for supported courier types, this means that labels are produced automatically for boxes being shipped, and necessary information can be uploaded directly to the courier's computer. For Khaos Control to automatically calculate 'Delivery Rates' couriers must have been created, How To: Configure Courier Services and Delivery Rates and How To: Hyperlink to Courier Consignment Tracking websites.

  1. The system will be supplied with common entries.
  2. You can copy values from an existing courier entry of the same export type using the Courier Options dialog accessed from the context menu option Configure.
NOTE: When setting up new couriers or to find out whether a particular courier is supported please email Development.

Couriers Grid

  • Code: user-definable code for the courier to be used at client's discretion when integrating an e-commerce website with Khaos Control. When a code has been defined, Khaos Control will use it when transferring courier data from and to Khaos Control.
  • Service / Courier Name: courier or service, a default list of the supported couriers and services.
  • Export Type: type of third party software used to export shipping data to couriers. Pressing F4 displays a pop-up list of courier export formats currently installed in your system (e.g. Direct Image Print).
  • ShortCut Key (F8): used to assign shortcut keys for use in the shipping stage of Sales Invoice Manager.
    Note: users should only assign shortcuts to the most popular courier(s).

    The following fields are export parameters that can alter the way your courier integration works. They should only be changed with reference to the specific development item instructions that you were forwarded when the relevant courier integration was enabled. Please email Support if you need any assistance with amending the following five settings:

  • Export Data:
  • Service Code:
  • Service Desc: A freetext description of the courier service.
  • Amazon Service Description: this is the actual courier service that the package is using to be shipped and is exported to Amazon in the shipping notification, for example Royal Mail 24. It is a requirement by Amazon. If the correct information isn't provided, you will not be able to ship your orders, and the items will be automatically cancelled after seven days of the expected shipping available date. Delaying your orders can also lead to an increase in Late Shipment Rate (LSR), which can ultimately lead to account suspension. For more information, see Information from Amazon on Service Descriptions

    Khaos Control cannot provide the Amazon Service Descriptions, you must speak to Amazon if you need guidance as to what is an acceptable description for your couriers.

  • Service Note:
  • Service Image: link to an image file to be include on the label when using this courier service, where applicable (e.g. Royal Mail Prepaid Postage Image in K:\KeystoneSoftware\Images\Logo folder).
  • Hyperlink: link used to track progress on the courier's website.
  • Courier Note: A note to be included in the manifest file sent to the courier, where applicable.
  • Cut-off Time: a cut off time can be set for each courier, for example so that orders before the cut off time will go today. The ship date on any respective invoice is based on this cut off time (i.e. the Confirm Shipment dialog will display the correct ship date depending on time of day and the cut off time, if set against the courier.
  • Options:
    • Reference Req'd: when ticked Khaos Control will not allow a shipment to be confirmed unless a consignment reference has been entered against it. This is only used when scanning packages, or entering the consignment references manually, see the Shipping stage in the Sales Invoice Manager.
    • On Import~reassess : re-evaluates the courier being used when the sales order is imported, and when a sales order is part shipped. see How To: Setup the System to Re-evaluate the Delivery Rate for Sales Orders:
    • On Invoice~reassess: re-evaluates the courier being used when the part-shipped sales order was manually keyed into Khaos Control.
      Note: if the option Default New Couriers to Re-assess invoices in [ System Values | Options | Order Delivery ] is ticked then these checkboxes will be automatically ticked for all NEW couriers.
  • Hide (default=Unticked): when ticked against a courier, or couriers, they will not be displayed in the 'Courier' drop-down in the following areas:
    • [ Sales Order | Additional ] screen when creating new sales orders.
    • Shipping dialog in the Sales Invoice Manager when shipping sales orders.
      Note: couriers will be displayed in other courier drop-downs in the system, for example in [ Sales Invoice ], for existing sales orders.
    • Ref. Validation Pattern: If using the Quick Despatch functionality, this will match the Consignment Code coming back from the courier to a given pattern.
  • Est. Del. Days: this is a read-only field used by some channel shipping notification routines when feeding back to the origin.
  • Options:
    • Auto-Assign on Despatch: the courier will be assigned when printing the Invoice Delivery Note.
    • Auto-Assign on Pick: the courier will be assigned when printing the Picking Sheet.
      Note: The above Auto-Assign options are only able to be used for couriers that are using the Royal Mail Net Despatch Export Type.

Grid Configuration

The following columns can be added into the grid using Grid Configuration. They are hidden by default. Please see Grid Configuration for more details:

  • Inv Priority: if an Invoice Priority is entered here, it will be applied to sales invoices (use F4 to select invoice priority from the drop-down list).

The user must have permission to be able to configure grids in [ System Data | Users | User Permissions ].

Couriers Context Menu

  • Edit Courier Note: displays the Courier Note popup allowing the user to enter a longer note that will appear in the 'Courier Note' field.
  • Configure: loads the Courier Options dialog so that the user can copy the details from an existing courier to another similar one.
  • Service Codes Lookup: the system will access all the services that you have setup on your courier account.
  • Apply Value Range: allows the user to specify a value that is to be applied to all of the currently selected rows/items for the current column.
  • Clear Selection: deselects the currently selected line(s).

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