How To: Ensure that the Same Items in a Batch Picking Sheet are Picked Together

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Basic Reports Setup is an Advanced User feature.

In a Pick Sheet Combined the system is grouping the picking order by location first and then by stock item and this might not be the correct order.

  1. Follow the menu route [ System Operations | Basic Reports Setup ] to open the 'Basic Reports Setup' dialog.
  2. Double-click on Pick Sheet Combined.
    Note: If no report exists, then click on the New Report Configuration button.
  3. Press the Basic Reports Design button button to open the Design tab and edit the selected report template.
    1. If this is a new report, then select File -> Save to save the report.
    2. Select the brand if one has been setup before using the Design button.
  4. The area we are interested in is in red in the image below:
    Basic Reports group heading
  5. Right click on the Group Header (the area highlighted in red).
  6. Select Groups.
  7. The Groups dialog will appear:
    The Groups dialog in Basic Reports
  8. Drag the Group[2]:DBBase.stock_code so it is above Group[2]:DBBase.calc_location.
    Basic Reports Group dialog example
  9. Click OK to close the dialog.
  10. Click File -> Save to save the report.
  11. Close the report.
  12. Test this out in you Test system before implementing in your Live system.

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