How To: Define the order that child items are displayed on a Sales Order

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When adding a 'Move With' Stock item to a Sales Order within the system, the child items which are added along with the 'Move With' header item will be added in the same order in which they are listed against the Relationship for the 'Move With' item in the [ Stock | Detail | Relationships ] screen.

  1. Open a Stock screen (show me how).
  2. Find and load the Move With stock item.
  3. Open the [ Stock | Detail | Relationships ] screen.
  4. Click on the Stock Relationships Auto Sort button to begin the sorting process, this will populate the Sort column below.
  5. Use the the MOVE ROW UP button shows a green arrow pointing upwards.   and the MOVE ROW DOWN button shows a green arrow pointing downwards.   buttons to swap the selected and next item's sort order number and therefore their location in the hierarchy.


  • Adding a new item into the Move With relationship, the new item will have sort order assigned only if the Sorting has begun already. It is given the last place as its default starting place.
  • Manipulation and movement of Sort Order will only be possible for the items which are directly part of the Relationship (i.e. no modifying nested child items); nested Relationship items' Sort Orders will need to be modified within the Relationship of the stock item to which they are directly linked.
  • Nested Build relationships are supported.
  • Nested Move With/Pack/Bundle relationships are NOT supported
  • The Stock Export routine, accessible from the Other Actions menu in [ Stock | List ] screen, exports SORT_ORDER tag (only if non-zero). The new tag is under the linked item header:

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