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Channel Listings and Web Categories is an Advanced User feature.

Training must be completed before using Channel Listings.


The Stock | Web Categories screen is used to setup your website structure and also channels such as Amazon and eBay. The options and layout of the screen will change depending on whether you are setting up a website or a channel.


Khaos Control Integrates with the following channels:

  • eBay
  • Amazon
  • Play
  • Shopify
  • Not On The High Street

Stock Web Categories Screens

The Stock Web Categories screen is accessed from the [ Stock | Other Actions Menu (F9) | Web Configuration ] or by entering web into the Command Interface and pressing ↵ Enter. The following tabs are available in this area:

Stock Web Categories for Websites

Stock Web Categories setup and maintenance is an Advanced User feature.
Please speak to your website developers before using this feature.

Configuring and using Web Categories requires HQ User or Admin User permission.

When used for website setup, Website Categories displays the structure of your website(s), the stock is held under each category on each website, together with a description that is specific to their location and allows the user to manage the categories and the stock held in them. The same stock item can appear under multiple categories, for example a Golf Club may be in the following three categories:

  1. "Golf Club - Drivers";
  2. "Summer Special Offers"; and
  3. "Products under £100" categories.

In the "Golf Club - Drivers" category it might use the standard description (taken from the stock screen), whilst in the "Summer Special Offers" and "Products under £100" categories it could have a different description, for example "our lowest priced driver".

Stock Web Categories for Channel Listings

Channel Listings is an Advanced User feature.

When used for channel listings, Website Categories allows the user to setup, configure then list their stock items with Amazon and eBay including, for example, DE, FR, US channels. The benefits of channel listings include:

  • Import existing listings.
  • Auto-ringfence stock to allow for stock to be managed across all of the channels seamlessly.
  • Configure listings singularly and en-masse.
  • Manage Size Colour, Style stock items.
  • Setup manual variants so items can be linked together.
  • Import sales orders.
  • Link categories to your eBay store.
  • Manage images for your eBay listings.

Automating Processes

The following options in the [ Channel Listings  Listings ] screen can be automated when using the Channel Listings functionality, please email Support.

  • From the List button in the Channel Listings Listings Tab. button:
    • Verify All button: runs the verification procedure on all the items which are on the Queue for Verification stage.
    • Upload All Verified button: moves the green selected items, or all if nothing is selected, which are on the Verified stage to the Queued for Listing stage and then lists all the items which are on the Queued for Listing stage.
  • From the Operations button in the Channel Listings Listings Tab. button:
    • Check status button: checks the status of the listed items, for example how many items are sold, did the listing end, etc.
    • Check availability button: checks the listed items stock availability and decreases or delists items which are out of stock or where there is not enough stock.
    • Refresh channel orders button: populates and updates the [ Channel Orders ] screen with sales orders and their current status on eBay and Amazon, for example paid but not imported.
    • Upload Shipping Notifications button.: marks the stock item as despatched in the seller's user account.
  • Import Sales Orders button in the Channel Listings Listings Tab.: connects directly with the channel and downloads all paid sales orders into a file and then imports the file into Khaos Control. It is not affected by any filters currently being used in the screen.

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