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The EC Sales List is no longer relevant to UK companies post Brexit. However, it is still used by some customers in certain scenarios.

The EC Sales List (ECSL) is another reporting requirement for companies exporting goods over a certain threshold to the EU. This report is concerned not with products, but with the total value of orders, including delivery charges, sent to VAT registered recipients, for example commercial entities rather than private individuals. For setting up the ECSL see EC Sales List (ECSL). The screen consists of the upper filters and options and a grid.

Upper Filters and Options

  • Go button: populates the grid according to the options selected.
  • Period:
    • Quarterly: the normal period used for electronic submission. When selected the Quarterly drop-down will appear enabling the user to select the quarter required.
    • Monthly: select a monthly period, when selected the user must enter the month number into the Month field.
    • Date Range: will return EC Sales within a date range, however, the results will not be suitable for online or electronic submission.
    • Past VAT Returns: allows the user to view past EC Sales List returns.
  • Date Range Panel: the options displayed in this panel will change depending on the Period radio button selected:
    • Quarterly:
      • Year: the year for the report.
      • Quarter: filter the grid by the standard quarterly filters for the year selected.
    • Monthly:
      • Year: the year for the report.
      • Month: the month in the specified year for the report.
    • Date Range:
      • From and To: the date range for the report.
        Note: a warning will be displayed as this format is not suitable for online/electronic submission.
    • Past VAT Returns:
      • Year: list of all previous EC Sales List Returns.
  • Include Allocation Transactions (UT Prefix) checkbox: if payments have been marked as under/over paid then they are identified in the [ Customer / Supplier | Detail | Statement ] grids with the Invoice prefix UT.
  • VAT No: your company VAT number.
  • Contact Name: a contact name for your company.
  • Branch: your company branch.
  • BtnExport2CSV.jpg button: creates a CSV file of the data in the grid.

EC Sales List Grid

EC Sales List Grid Context Menu

  • Goto Customer...: opens the [ Customer | Detail | General ] screen for the customer linked to the current sales order.
  • Clear Selection: deselects the currently selected line(s).

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