How To: Allocate a Specific Amount to an Invoice

It is possible to specify how much of a payment to allocate to an invoice, so if a customer wants to spread payments across invoices, or you wish to spread your payment over several invoices then this is the method to use.

  1. Open a Customer screen (show me how). (or Open a Supplier screen (show me how).)
  2. Find and load the Customer / Supplier.
  3. Open the [ Statement ] tab.
  4. Create the payment, see How To: Create Payments.
  5. Tick the User Allocate checkbox below the Allocate To (Invoices) grid,
  6. 'Drag-and-drop' the payment / credit from the top grid (Allocate From) onto the invoice in the grid below (Allocate To) grid or use the context menu options to Allocate payments.
  7. In the Allocation Amount dialog enter the amount from the payment you wish to allocate to the invoice.
  8. Click OK to allocate the part payment.
  9. Repeat as required.

Note: until the invoice has been fully allocated the line will be in blue.

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