How To: Process a Proforma Invoice payment

HM Revenue & Customs' website makes clear that the tax point occurs whenever goods are supplied or payment made, whichever occurs first. To achieve this when processing payments for Proforma Invoices in Khaos Control, simply:

Ensure that the System Values' setting 'Invoice Date based on when invoice was printed' is ticked (if you change this, you will need to restart Khaos Control for the new setting to take effect).

  1. Convert the Proforma Invoice into a Sales Order:
  2. Print the Sales Invoice on the same day you receive payment, regardless of whether or not you would normally print the Sales Invoice at this stage. The act of printing the Sales Invoice (and telling Khaos Control that it has been printed) sets the Tax Point.
  3. Allow Sales Invoice manager to process the sales order by moving it from the Manual Hold stage to Released.
  4. Record that the payment has been received; and
  5. Allocate it to the Sales Invoice you have just printed.

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