How To: Perform a Supplier Payment Run

The following steps take you through the process of performing a supplier payment run. Whether you're performing this for a single supplier, or carrying out a payment run for a range of suppliers, the process is the same.
  1. Open a Supplier screen (show me how).
  2. Using the filters at the top of the screen, load the supplier record (if you're going to perform your payment run for a range of suppliers, load any of the suppliers in the run).
  3. Open the [ Customer/Supplier | Detail | Statement ] tab.
  4. Click on the BtnBluePound.jpg above the 'Allocate From' grid to open the Supplier Payments dialog.
  5. Set the Date and Type filters and click Go.
  6. Use the Invoice, Deadline and other columns in the grid to sort the payments as required and then green-select the lines that you wish to pay.
  7. Click Pay Selected
  8. Enter the payment date (defaults as today).
  9. The New Payment Dialog is popped for each Supplier you are paying during the run:
    Payment Type - this will be defaulted to the payment type defined in the Supplier Payments dialog.
    Currency: this drop-down allows users to specify which currency the payment is being made in.
    Bank: this drop-down lists bank accounts alphanumerically, based on nominal codes. It allows users to specify which bank account the payment will be going into or out of.
    Payment Date: date payment is made - this will be automatically populated with the date set in the Supplier Payments dialog.
    Code (Optional): free-text reference that, again, can be seen from the bank account section - it could be a cheque or BACS reference, or could be left blank.
    Sort Code (Optional): customer's account details.
    Account Number (Optional): customer's account details.
    Payment Amount - this will be automatically populated based on the lines in the Supplier Payments dialog selected for the suppliewr.
    Note: The 'exchange rates' button allows the current exchange rate to be changed before the payment is posted.
    Click on 'OK' to add the payment to the system and repeat for each of the Suppliers in the payment run.
  10. At the end of the payment run Remittance Reports are printed, the payments are created and allocated to the invoices green-selected in the dialog.

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