How To: Import Warehouse Locations and Stock

Warehouse Location Import Button is not enabled by default.
To utilise the the warehouse location import button functionality may require development, please contact Khaos Control Solutions.
Please email Development for more information.
Note: there will be additional costs involved if this option is enabled.

This pages explains the requirements for importing warehouse locations and the stock they hold into Khaos Control.


  • If there are certain values within the mapping file which are not relevant to your warehouse(s), they can be deleted from the import file providing they are not a required field.
  • Excel will strip leading zeros from numeric fields, so if you have any leading zeros the cell must be formatted to Text.
  • Once completed, save the file as a CSV file ready for importing.

Importing the CSV File

  1. Open a Warehouse screen (show me how).
  2. Double-click on the warehouse you wish to import the locations for.
  3. Click on the Import Locations button in the Warehouse detail screen button.
  4. Select the warehouse location import CSV file.
  5. A pop up will appear with information regarding how many lines have been create, updated or skipped:
    Location import message in WHC
  6. Click the Go button to see the imported locations.

Mapping Table

All fields with YES/NO should be entered as Boolean values; for YES enter -1 and NO enter 0.

Below are the column headings that must be used in the CSV file when importing locations and stock associated with them. An example mapping file is below.

Field name Required Description Type Characters
WAREHOUSE green tick The description of the warehouse e.g. Head Office etc. This must be the first column in the CSV file.FREE TEXT25
LOCN_CODE green tick Use this option to define the unique reference number for the location.FREE TEXT25
LOCN_DESC green tick The location description of where items are kept. This can be the same as the LOCN_CODE if you require.FREE TEXT50
STOCK_CODE green tick The unique stock code of the item stored in the location.FREE TEXT30
PICK_QTY green tick The header needs to be in the CSV file, you can leave it blank, or with a value of 0.NUMERIC5
LOCN_CAPACITY green tick The maximum capacity the location can hold.NUMERIC20
LOCN_MULTI green tick This tells Khaos Control if you wish to location to hold multiple stock items and be a multi-stock location.YES/NO4
LOCN_KIND green tick This can contain values that are in [ System Data | Stock Location Kind ] to set against the location such as pallet, rack, single, double, multi etc. This has to be setup within [ System Data | Stock Location Kind ] before this can be imported.FREE TEXT100
LOCN_TYPE green tick This can contain values that are in [ System Data | Stock Location Types ] . This can determine if the location is Arrivals, Bulk pick, Primary pick, Secondary Pick etc. This has to be setup in [ System Data | Stock Location Types ] before this can be imported.FREE TEXT100

Example Mapping File

Example mapping file for warehouse location and stock import.

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