How To: View the Site Location of Stock in the Info Panel

The Info Box displays information that the user configures.The site location is taken from the Stock Item Parameters dialog and will show the location of the item in the site that the user is currently in.

Example of stock location displayed in Info Box

  1. Open the [ Stock ] screen and focus on any stock record.
  2. Right-click on the bottom-half of the panel and click 'Select Fields'.
  3. In the Choose Fields dialog select the Site Location option in the right hand panel:
    Select the site Location in the Info Box dialog for stock
  4. Click on the Dynamic Information Panel child list button button.
  5. In the next Choose Fields dialog click on SiteLevelsList:
    Choose fields second dialog in the Info Panel
  6. Click on the Next button button.
  7. In the second Choose Fields dialog select (Default) and Site in the adjacent panel.
    Select the site from the Info Panel options
  8. Click on the Next button button.
  9. Click on the Next button button in the next dialog unless you wish to add conditions.
  10. In the next Choose Fields dialog the user can choose how many items are displayed if the filters configured in the earlier sections have multiple results:
    Choose fields fourth dialog in the Info Box
  11. Click on the Next button button.
  12. The system describes the options you have configured and allows the user to make any changes using the Previous button button.
    Choose fields fifth dialog in the Info Box to display sites for stock
  13. Click on the Complete button button.
  14. Continue editing the Info Box or click OK to close the dialog.

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