2D Barcode Scanning

Printing and scanning stock item barcodes has been standard functionality in Khaos Control for some time, for more information click Barcodes. In order to be able to provide customers with a more interactive experience and to provide warehouse managers with more functionality than the traditional one-dimension barcode can offer, Khaos Control now supports 2D Barcodes for stock items (based on the Stock Code) in the following screens and/or dialogs:

  1. [ EPOS ]
  2. [ EPOS | Stock Lookup ]
  3. [ Sales Order | Stock Lookup ]
  4. [ Stock | List ]
  5. [ Stock | Detail | Properties | Barcode Dialog ]
  6. [ Purchase Order | Stock Lookup ]
  7. [ Delivery Note ] - Scan (F8) field
  8. [ Sales Invoice | Packing ]

2D barcodes come in a number of flavours, from extended 1D barcodes, to 'QR Codes' ([1]) and 'Tag Codes' ([2]). Please bear in mind the media, printer and scanning solutions you're intending to use when considering rolling out complex barcodes.

Note: if the barcode does not exist in Khaos Control then it will not be recognised.

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