How To: Move Stock to the Amazon FBA Site

Once you have setup your Amazon FBA channel on Khaos Control there are two options for moving stock to the Amazon warehouse:

  • Create a purchase order that is delivered to the Amazon warehouse.
  • Transfer stock from your warehouse to the Amazon warehouse.

Purchase Order

Creating a Purchase Order to delivery to the Amazon FBA site:

  1. Create the purchase order as normal, see How To: Create a Purchase Order Manually or How To: Create a Purchase Order from the Reordering Screen.
  2. In the Main tab click on the Site drop-down and select the Amazon FBA site.
  3. In the [ Delivery Address ] screen tick the Deliver to Site checkbox, this will put the site address into the Delivery grid above.
  4. When you know that the Amazon warehouse has received your goods you will need to book them into the Amazon FBA site in Khaos Control.

Stock Transfer

Transferring stock to the Amazon FBA site will need to be done when you first set up this option in Khaos Control. To transfer stock to the Amazon FBA site see How To: Transfer Stock to Another Site.

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