Courier Options Dialog - Amazon Logistics

Amazon Logistics integration is not enabled by default.

Please email Development for more information.
Note: there will be additional costs involved if this option is enabled.

WARNING: Amazon offer no testing facilities for this functionality, If you require any changes it will require development

The Courier Options dialog allows the user to configure attributes for different couriers, the options will be different for each courier. You can copy the details from an existing courier to another similar one.

To load the Courier Options dialog, open [ System Data | Couriers ] screen, focus on the courier, right-click and select Configure from the context menu. For each option there is an explanation about what is does.

Nominal Weights can only be used on Boxes (at present). Nominal weights should be in base Khaos Control weight and will be modified by the weight scaling. The system will use:

  1. Actual Weight
  2. The consignment weight (items postage or average weight.)
  3. Nominal Weight

Name Description Notes
Pack LengthThe default package dimensions: Length. Use if box length is not specified.
Pack WidthThe default package dimensions: Width. Use if box width is not specified.
Pack HeightThe default package dimensions: height. Use if box height is not specified.
Sender NameSender name
Sender Address 1Sender address line 1
Sender Address 2Sender address line 2
Sender TownSender Address - Town
Sender PostcodeSender Address Postcode
Sender CountrySender country code
Sender TelSender Telephone
Sender EmailSender Email
Delivery ExperienceThe delivery confirmation level. Allowed values: [NoTracking, DeliveryConfirmationWithAdultSignature, DeliveryConfirmationWithSignature, DeliveryConfirmationWithoutSignature ]
Delivery DaysUsed when Sales Order: Required Date is not set to calculate Amazon: Must Arrive by Date (Ship Date + Delivery Days)
Carrier Will Pick U&PSets Amazon Logistics option: CarrierWillPickUp
Send MustArriveByDate Send [ MustArriveByDate ] to Amazon Logistics
Weight ScaleThe weight against your shipments will be multiplied by this scaling factor before sending to the courier. For example, if you store weight in grams, multiply by 0.001 to convert to KG.
Nominal WeightIf this value is set, when your shipment has no weight set against it, then this nominal weight will be used instead. Use if your courier classifies parcel as thought they all have an agreed weight. Please use the system weight used throughout Khaos Control.This is then scaled by the weight Scale.Note that it can only be used when packing boxes.
Dimension scaleThe dimensions against your shipments will be multiplied by this scaling factor before sending to the courier. For example, if you store dimensions in meters, multiple by 100 to covert to cm.
Requires Consignment RefTicked, Sales Invoice cannot be moved past the Shipping stage unless the Consignment(s) have a Consignment Ref.

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