How To: Reduce the Quantity of Stock Items on a Saved Delivery Note

If you have a delivery note that has been saved with too many stock items being delivered then you need to delete the Purchase Invoice that has been created (if your system is setup to create Purchase Invoices from Delivery Notes), see below. If the stock item is for sales order with back orders, see the Back Orders section below.

Note: you can't edit the saved Delivery Note with the new quantity.

WARNING: Please note that if a Delivery Note has fulfilled the Back Order requirements of one or more Sales Orders then you may need to un-assign and manage all stock items that were delivered in error. You do not do this there is a strong possibility that there may not be enough stock to fulfil the incorrectly released orders.

Delete the Associated Purchase Invoice

WARNING: You are about to delete the Purchase Invoice associated with the Delivery Note that has an incorrect quantity on it. If this Delivery Note has been consolidated into one Purchase Invoice along with other Delivery Notes, then you will need to be re-consolidate all the Delivery Notes once the new updated Delivery Note has been created.
  1. Open a Delivery Note screen (show me how).
  2. Locate and load the Delivery Note.
  3. Right-click in the grid and from the context menu select Goto Purchase Invoice.
  4. Click the dustbin icon is the button bar's DELETE button to delete the non-posted Purchase Invoice.
  5. In the popup type 'DELETE INVOICE' and click on OK.
  6. Click 'Yes' to the confirmation prompt.

Delete the Delivery Note

  1. Go back to the Delivery Note tab.
  2. Make sure the delivery note is NOT in edit mode.
  3. Click the dustbin icon is the button bar's DELETE button to delete the Delivery Note
  4. Enter deletion / cancellation reason and click 'OK'.
    Notes: By default, a free text description is used. Alternatively, the cancellation reason can be chosen from a pre-defined list maintained in [ System Data | Cancellation Reasons ] (this requires custom development, which may be chargeable).
  5. Click 'Yes' to the confirmation prompt.

Create a New Delivery Note

  1. Create a new Delivery Note.
  2. Enter the correct quantity of stock in.

Back Orders

If the Sales Order contains back ordered items on it that have been over-delivered, then how the system deals with this depending on the stage in the Sales Invoice Manager that the Sales Order is in and if it is editable or not:

Editable Stage

If the Sales Order is in an Editable Stage of the Sales Invoice Manager then the system will automatically remove the assigned items from the Sales Order and it will be placed back in Awaiting Stock.

Note: Editable Stages are normally the following although this may be changed in your system:

Non-Editable Stage

If the Sales Order is in an Non-Editable Stage of the Sales Invoice Manager then the system will not automatically unassigned the stock items, this has to be done manually as follows:

  1. Open a Sales Invoice Manager screen (show me how).
  2. Press the F4 filter button F4 filter button.
  3. Next to the Stock Code filter in the bottom right, click on the the green opening folder icon is normally linked to the opening of a dialog box that allows the user to browse and select a value or range of values button.
  4. Find and load the stock item that has been over-delivered.
  5. Click on the Red Traffic Light Filter to turn it to Green Traffic Light Filter .
  6. Click on OK.
  7. Find and green-select all the sales orders with the required stock item on.
  8. Drag and drop the orders into an editable stage of the Sales Invoice Manager.
    Note: permission is required to drag and drop orders between stages.
  9. Delete the associated Purchase Invoice then delete the Delivery Note as described above.
  10. Create a New Delivery Note with the correct quantities delivered.

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