Sales Invoice

For the Other Action Menu options (press F9 or the Other Actions Menu on the Button Bar) see Sales Invoice Other Actions Menu.

The 'Sales Invoice Manager' controls how customer orders/invoices, credit notes, quotations and customer returns are processed after they have been entered via the sales order or returns screen; it is the backbone of this back office software. It is possible to manage the stock assignment of back orders using the 'Back Order (Stock Assignment)' tab. Purchase orders can be created for back orders using the 'Back Order (Purchase Ordering)' tab.

The 'Sales Invoice Manager' screen contains the following tabs:

External Links

  • Requirements for an invoice – the law requires you to provide certain information on any invoices you send to your customers (excerpt from Business Link's "Practical advice for business" website).
  • How to issue a valid VAT sales invoice – this guide tells you what information must appear on VAT invoices, whom you should issue them to and when you should issue them. It also explains the circumstances in which you can issue a simplified or modified VAT invoice, and when you must not issue a VAT invoice (published by HM Revenue & Customs).

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