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Bank Accounts

The Bank Account tab contains a list of bank accounts, with details, that the system can use. There must be at least one bank account set up in order for the system to be used and at least one bank per currency, for example Sterling Bank and Euro Bank, see How To: Create a New Bank Account.

Bank Accounts Grid

  • Account Name: name of the bank account, for example Sterling or Credit Card Account.
  • Credit Acc check box: marks an account as a credit account, effectively reversing all the transactions.
    Note: when ticked the system swaps the debit and credit columns in the [ Accounts | Bank Account ] screen.
  • Currency: Currency related to the account transactions.
  • BNominal: Nominal account that the bank account transactions post to, this must be set up before creating the bank account, see How To: Create a New Bank Account
  • Account Number (max 40 characters) : Allows the user to record the bank account number. (Optional)
  • Sort Code (max 11 characters) : Allows the user to record the sort code. (Optional)
  • Debt Factor %: the percentage charged by debt chase companies to collect your debt, for example if a customer owes £100, the percentage is 2% then you will get £98.
  • HQ Only: if this is ticked users will need HQ level permission to open the bank account in the accounts screen.
  • CT Accnt: the Card Transaction Account number (between 1 and 20) causing any transactions for that bank account to go through that specific credit card integration account.
    1. If none is specified then the default of 0 will be used, unless there is a separate CT account set against that currency, or the user changes it manually on the sales order.
    2. If both a currency and bank CT account number exist then the one against the bank account will override the one against the currency.
  • Hide (default=unticked): if ticked then the bank account will not be displayed in the following Bank drop down lists:

Bank Accounts Context Menu

  • Apply Value Range: allows the user to specify a value that is to be applied to all of the currently selected rows/items for the current column.
  • Clear Selection: deselects the currently selected line(s).

Credit Card bank Accounts

To help reconciling credit card accounts, we suggest creating a bank account for each separate payment card account used (so as to use the bank account reconciliation process to reconcile payment card statements), associating the Payment Type of "Credit Card" with these bank accounts. If payments are received using PayPal, these must be setup beforehand, see the PayPal page for details.

Using Gift Vouchers

To promote good practice and facilitate the analysis of voucher payments (if using vouchers) in the [ Sales Summary | Payments ] tab, we suggest setting up a bank account called "VOUCHER" and associating the Payment Type of "VOUCHER" with this bank account, see Voucher Payments for more information.

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