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Sales Source

Different sales sources can be created and then applied to sales orders using the drop down menu in the Order Details area of the [ Sales Orders | Main ] screen. Sales sources are used for post sales analysis, for example reviewing orders that have arisen from email, the web or telesales. To create and setup Sales Sources see How To: Create a Sales Source.


  1. If a default sales source is set against a user in [ System Data | Others | Users ], it will be applied to every sales order created by that user, regardless of what is set against the customer record. This hierarchy cannot be changed.
  2. You can make setting a sales source against a sales order mandatory in [ System Values | Sales - Order Display | Required Fields ]

Sale Source Grid

  • Sales Source: the description of the sales source, for example Telesales (Inbound), Internet/Web, Catalogue (Mail Order) and Fax.
  • Logo File: the file name and path of the brand image, for example a logo. This image can be used on reports such as invoices or pick tickets.
    Note: logos (for use on Sales Invoice reports, etc.) can be set in the following places:
    1. [ System Data | Sales Order Processing | Sales Source ].
    2. [ System Data | Sales Order Processing | Logo ].
    3. [ System Values | General | Miscellaneous ].
      Note: should logos be set in more than one place, the logo will be applied based on the above hierarchy.
  • Brand: brands can be defined against a specific sales source so when the sales source is selected, all the documentation for that order will use that brand, see How To: Setup Branding.
    Note: on a sales order, if a sales source associated with a brand is selected it will apply the brand to that sales order. If a different sales source that doesn"t have a brand attached to it is then selected the original brand will still apply.
  • Price List: a Price List can be defined against a specific sales source so alternative pricing can be used. See How To: Setup a Price List for more information.
  • EPOS: if ticked the sales source can be used for EPOS sales orders. See How To: Add a Sales Source to an EPOS Sales Order for more information.
  • Disabled: if ticked the sales source will be marked as inactive so that it is no longer available to select when creating sales orders.
    Note: you can still report on all the sales sources whether they are marked as inactive or not.

Sale Source Grid Context Menu

  • Set sales targets: opens the Sales Source Targets Dialog allowing users to set monthly targets for sales by sales source.
  • Apply Value Range: allows the user to specify a value that is to be applied to all of the currently selected rows/items for the current column.
  • Clear Selection: deselects the currently selected line(s).

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