Ringfencing Stock for Channel Listings

Channel Listings is not enabled by default.
Training must be completed before using Channel Listings.
Please email Development for more information.
Note: there will be additional costs involved if this option is enabled.

Ringfencing Stock for Channel Listings is an Advanced User feature.

Ringfencing is used to ensure there is enough stock for items sold in the channel. The stock is reserved ('ringfenced') by moving it to a predefined, dedicated site (i.e. Channel Reserved). When the Sales Orders are imported from the Channel, the imported listing ID should match and then the stock is moved back from the ringfenced site and assigned to the order. The quantity ringfenced is stored with the listing as Qty Reserved.

WARNING: Ringfencing is not supported when Stock Batch Control is on or when using Warehouse Control.

WARNING: Ringfencing has been superseded by Stock Assignment.

Ringfencing Setup Options

The ringfence functionality, which controls when the stock should be moved to the Channel site, is configurable with the following five options:

Ringfence Method Description
On Listing Triggered when the items are listed.
Never Items are not ringfenced. Affects both Auction and Buy Now.
On First Bid Uses the Check Status poll to update the system.
On the first potentially successful bid: Uses the Check Status poll to update the system.
All on listing Ringfences on listing for both Auction and Buy Now.


  1. The options are applicable to Auction listings, unless otherwise stated.
  2. This is not configurable by the user but is setup by KCSL.
  3. The option can be changed at any time, please email Support but note that:
    1. It will not apply to currently listed items.
    2. When an item is purchased the system will re-evaluate the options and ringfenced stock and update as appropriate.

Ringfencing up-front (on listing)

With On Listing for Auctions or All On Listing for both Auctions and Buy Now:

  1. If the Ringfence Qty is LESS than the List Qty, then the listing will error.
  2. The system will continue with the other listings in the batch (if there are any).
  3. The stock that the system has ringfenced for the failed listing will REMAIN ringfenced, however, when the errored listing is then successfully listed, the system will ringfence the remainder of the stock required for the listing.

Manual Un-ringfence

There is a manual un-ringfence option in the context menu in the [ Stock | Channel Listings ] screen which opens the Manual Un-ringfence Qty dialog. The option is disabled unless the Listing is in an Error state.


Buy Now

In case of Buy Now, the qty listed can be greater than 1 and unless All On Listing ringfencing method is used they are not ringfenced until sold.

They are ringfenced on bought items only, ie on status check.

When the qty sold > qty reserved then it reserves the qty needed. A separate command line tool running every n minutes checking if the qty available > qty listed for all the listings.

In case stock runs lower than listed the system will:

  • Decrease Buy Now item qty listed so it is not larger than available. If there is more than one listing per stock, try decreasing starting with the oldest one. Marks all of them with a Decreased Qty flag and adds a log entry. Obviously, it cannot be decreased below the qty bought.
  • If all the Buy Now items for the stock were decreased and the qty bought > qty available turn OverSold flag " it should lit red in the grid.
  • Store the previous qty and all decreases in the log.


In case of the auction, if there is no stock left the system will:

  1. Delist
  2. Set the flag DQ (Decreased Qty)
  3. Add an entry to the debug log.

If delist failed then it will set the OS (Over Sold) flag to red in the grid.

If ringfencing fails, set flag Ring-fence Shortfall flag - should display red in the grid. Add debug log. Ringfence as many as possible anyway. All the ringfencing happens between ringfencing site and the channel site. If the channel site is not set then the main site is used instead. For example, assume the Channel site (set in the channel configuration) is 'eBay UK' and the ringfencing site is 'Channel Reserved'. On ringfencing an item (ie on listing) the qty listed of stock being listed is transferred from the 'eBay UK' site to the 'Channel Reserved' site. When part of the stock is sold on eBay and Sales Orders are imported from eBay, the stock is transferred back from the 'Channel Reserved' site to the 'eBay UK' (qty sold) and assigned to the Sales Order. The remaining, unsold quantity is released (transferred from the 'Channel Reserved' site to the 'eBay UK') when the listing ends.

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